Unique Products for Gas Distribution

Unique Products for Gas Distribution

Low-Pressure PE Bagging Off

LP PE Bag Off System (PDF)


Gas-Free Low-Pressure PE Bagging Off Equipment Platform for 4” – 12” pipes makes it easy to isolate gas mains without squeeze-off procedures.

pe bag off2



Isolating a section of PE main, especially 8” or 12” SDR 11 is challenging, since drilling through thick wall HDPE is difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes performed in blowing gas conditions.

Using “off the shelf” hole saws to access the main create shavings that fall in the pipe causing blockages at other locations within the gas system.

Squeeze-off procedures create several concerns:

  • PE damage at the squeeze points.
  • Lifting equipment required to mobilize large squeeze offs.
  • Large excavations increase reinstatement cost.
  • The squeeze-off tool may not completely stop the gas.

SOLUTION – PLCS Low Pressure PE Bag Off System

  • One system for 4” – 12” pipes.
  • Lightweight stainless-steel construction.
  • Integrated sectional vent/purge pipe complete with flame arrestor
  • No squeeze offs.
  • PLCS cylindrical gas bag design creates more pipe contact for a gas-free stop.
  • Positive placement bag insertion tubes.
  • Regulated bag inflation.
  • Quick connects for easy operation.
  • Max Pressure Rating: 1 psi

Bag-Off Assembly

Boff parts
The system adapts to any 2″ or larger threaded outlet fitting. 

2″ outlet with a completion plug shown here.


Gas-Free Completion Plug Insertion Tool


Drill Assembly


Drill Shaft

  • Specifically designed to drill polyethylene pipe.
  • Cutter is secured to drill shaft by an octagonal fit arbor and a threaded safety sleeve.

Power Drive

power drive

High Torque Power Drive taps 12” SDR 11 with 1.1159” wall thickness in a little over 1 minute. Typical power drives just don’t have the torque.

  • Worm gear drive provides high torque at slow speed which is essential for HDPE tapping.
  • Will not melt PE.
  • Ample power even in cold weather.
  • Lightweight and reversible.
  • The compact angle head allows access in confined spaces.
  • Includes ground attachment fitting.

PE Coupon Removal Tool


PE Gas Bags

Offer superior sealing, easy removal, quality fittings, and excellent gas bag construction. Self-centering cylindrical bags maximize bag to pipe wall contact minimizing gas bypass. The inner bladder has excellent durability, tensile strength, tear-resistance, and resilience which is held inside a thin yet strong outer synthetic fabric.

bag off2
  • Rated up to 1 PSI.
  • Each bag assembly is pressure tested prior to shipping.
  • PLCS carries the most common sizes in stock ready for immediate shipping.

The Bag Off Assembly includes a bag deployment “shoe” that protects the bags from tearing and provides solid placement in the main for added safety.


Inflated Bag Inside of 12" PE


Bag-Off Shoe


Bag Deployed


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