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Drainblock Instructions

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Remotely seals off abandoned 4″-6″ drains and sewer laterals permanently.
DRAINBLOCK is a semi-porous bag containing a sealed sachet of PU resin foam positioned inside a lateral drain or sewer meets the parent main. At full expansion, some of the foam seeps through the bag to adhere to the inner walls of the pipe to form a permanent plug. The lateral is accessed at a non-sensitive location.


A camera inspection can locate a suitable position for the DRAINBLOCK BAG™. The lateral pipe must be cleaned using high-pressure water jetting to ensure the removal of substances such as silt, grease, or fat that could affect the seal between the DRAINBLOCK™ bag and the host pipe. 

  1. The two-part resin foam is mixed in the FOAMPACK™ sachet.
  2. Zipped into the restraining bag together with the piercing knife.
  3. These are all placed in the outer DRAINBLOCK BAG™ with zipper closure.
  4. Duct rods are attached to the nylon tube on the bag and pushed into position with the camera’s aid.
Drainblock Instruct
Drainblock Cure 3



  • Avoids excavating in the road, trenchless technique
  • The bag can be installed 50’ from the access point.
  • Prevents groundwater from entering sewers.
  • Avoids unauthorized connection to clean water drainage systems via abandoned laterals.
  • No risk of sealing material entering the main.
  • Easy to use – available in kit form.
  • Once mixed the PU foam is inert and can be disposed of in the normal waste.


Use on abandoned clay, concrete, metal, and plastic pipes. Ideal for contractors, water and sewerage companies,    facility managers, and maintenance teams. Prevents the ingress/egress of water and stops the passage of odor.

Supplied in a convenient kit form with everything required to carry out the sealing operation such as an outer bag, FOAMPACK™ sachet, and piercing knife.

  • 4” Kit Part# 72-FK230
  • 6” Kit Part # 72-FK231
  • 4”/6” Non-Porous Dam. Part# 72-FK232
  • Other dimensions are made to special order.


1 x Drainblock bag (outer bag)
1 x Drainblock bag (restraining inner bag)
1 x Steel piercing knife
1 x Foampack foil sachet
1 x Pair of gloves
1 x Disposal bag
1 x Instructions


How do you prevent the possibility of the foam spilling into the sewer main if set too close to lateral/main connection?

If you plan on positioning the system closer than 10” to the connection, we can add a non-porous dam system to the front of the DRAINBLOCK bag prevents the foam from over-spilling forward. It does not affect the system’s ability to seal. The system generates a seal length of 12” -14”. 

Can the DRAINBLOCK hold back grout like a dam in order to complete the lateral abandonment process? 

Yes. Testing was carried out on a plastic drain pipe and weight of 11,023lbs (5000kg) was successfully applied to a cured DRAINBLOCK bag via a hydraulic jack and load cell with no adverse effects. Many customers use the system for exactly this.

What is the shelf life? 

18 months

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